Name Research for Business Naming Ideas

Researching the Internet for naming ideas is surprisingly easy – if you know where to look.

I’ve found several really great sites for name ideas, but one with a lot of potential I keep coming back to is Use Wisdom.

Types of naming words you can find at Use Wisdom
Types of naming words you can find at Use Wisdom

This is an unbelievably diverse and comprehensive source of potential names. I’d suggest going there and just browsing to get a feel of the site. If you’re on a specific search in your category, I’ll bet you’ll find relevant lists, which are mostly links to other word-related sites.

There are two areas I visit a lot: The lists under Jargon, Lingo and Slang, and those under Trivia. There I found, for instance, the lists of Sports Cliches ripe with naming ideas, there’s a short list of nautical terms at the Colloquial Phrases site, and lots of stuff under Political Cliches.

One thing, though: quite a few of the links to what look to be inspiring sites seem to be broken, quite often lists compiled and stored on university websites. This can be frustrating, but just go on to find other gems in other fields.

The site also links to a variety of dictionaries, thesauruses and writing resources – style guides, grammar sources, and sites about semantics, syntactics, semiotics and more.

Warning: if you’re a word maven, you can spend literally hours chasing links here.

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