Naming Idea: Misspelling Familiar Words

In my past two posts I’ve suggested naming ideas that turn familiar words into unique, coined words that can effectively name companies or products. (substituting silent “e”s with other vowels and adding consonants to words beginning with vowels)

Here’s the last in the series. This one, however, doesn’t require a long list of common words that can be altered.

Name idea: Alternately spelled words

For this technique you deliberately “misspell” words to create a new name: Qwest, Ikon, Duque.

Now you may not be able to trademark names that are alternate spellings of existing trademarked names depending upon how close the products are in consumer’s minds. Check that with your trademark attorney because altered spellings might be disallowed by the USPTO.

At first a customer will have a little trouble recognizing these new coined words, but once they’re pronounced, they’ll be remembered, particularly if the original words carry a relevancy to the products themselves.

This naming idea won’t work for all relevant words, but give it a try and add the results to your candidate list. They may work as names or suggest new naming ideas. Give it a try.

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