Naming Company Generates Over 30 Name Candidates At One Time

This naming company is called Nameboy.

It is first and foremost a domain name site where you can purchase domain names.

But it has a neat word generator feature that allows you to enter two words of your choice and NameBoy will display over 30 different combined-word name ideas. Many just won’t work, but for each run-through, I usually find 10-15 I can legitimately add to my candidate list. Do that with 10-12 tries and you have another 100-plus candidates within a half-hour.

An added feature: all the words generated are supposed to be available as domain names. Now it may not be available as a .com, but the page will show you exactly what major domain name classifications are available for each candidate.

If having a business name that can also be a domain name, this is a very handy feature.

And when you’re done you can, of course, order your domain name directly from the Nameboy site.

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