Name Ideas Might Encompass Format As Well As Words

This name idea relys on a graphic component to set a business name apart, and perhaps, get it through the name screening process as well.

You can create names that stand out with visual devices. It is possible to incorporate devices such as hyphens, common symbols & punctuation(+,!),which I talked about in the post entitled Why Limit Yourself to 26 Characters When Business Naming?.

Examples of some name ideas involving different formats
Examples of some name ideas involving different formats

In addition, names can be all lower case words, underlined word parts, combined UPPERlower case phrases, CapsINmiddle constructions, differentiated with pronunciation marks (Jel’-sema), leaving no space between words, or rendered with two Differentfonts. There may be more. If you think of any, please make a commend in the space below this post. .

But when constructing names using this business naming idea, remember that your name may not be rendered as you would like it to be by the media, by those wanting to refer you to other folks, and by anyone else that has no stake in making sure your name is rendered correctly. Also, though it might be trademarkable as a graphic, it may not be available as trademarkable word or phrase, nor will you be able to use a graphic device as a web site URL. Though there you can use hyphens, a url address doesn’t differentiate upper and lower case and some characters are not allowed.

Though limited in application, either of these tips might stimulate your search for outside-the-can name candidates.

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