Business Naming Basics is a site, fashioned as a blog, providing help with business naming.

Martin Jelsema, CEO of Signature Strategies
Martin Jelsema, CEO of Signature Strategies
Although it is primarily targeted at the entrepreneur just starting a new company, others can benefit from the content of this blog. I hope marketing communications professionals, whether consultants, PR agents, ad agency creatives or internal martketing staffs of companies large and small, can also learn something interesting and valuable here.

So in this blog I’ll share with you many of the tricks and techniques I’ve developed or adopted from other naming pros over the course of a 50-year career. That’s right, 50 years. I graduated from the University of Florida in 1958 with a degree in advertising and sought my fortune along Madison Avenue. My first job was in the traffic department of BBDO, New York.

Since then, I’ve worked for several other agencies – Marstellar, J.R.Mathes and Tallant/Yates, mostly on hi-tech accounts like IBM and H-P. I served duel roles on both of those accounts, performing copy and contact duties. I’ve also been an employee at IBM (where I was a member of the product naming committee), Information Handling Services (marketing services manager) and Coors Ceramics (new product marketing manager).

Since 1984, I’ve made a living as an agency principle (Industrial Strength Advertising), marketing consultant (Marketing Matters) and a branding consultant (Signature Strategies).

I’ll touch on all aspects of business naming in the blog: strategies, issues, criteria, ideation, evaluation, registration, re-naming and associated topics. I’ll discuss the four stages of naming:

Preparation: what to do before generating name candidates. I’ll share resources and ideas in order to generate a load of name candidates.

Generation: how to create long lists of name candidates. That’s the secret of finding a great name – continue to generate name ideas even after you think you’re finished. The great names come after the obvious are dismissed.

Evaluation: how to winnow that long list and find the right name candidates (at least 5 or 6) you can call your own. This includes fashioning questionnaires and performing name preference studies.

Registration: the frustrating part is finding your best candidate is owned by another. This happens regularly. But once you’ve found a candidate that is available, we’ll discuss how to register and protect that gem of a name.

Incidentally, if you want professional help for any or all aspects of the naming process, you might want to talk to me. My branding consultancy, Signature Strategies, has helped literally hundreds of companies with branding and naming issues. Perhaps we can do the same for you. Our major emphasis is helping the small company that plans to be big. And we’re not out-of-hand expensive, either.

Please call me personally. 303-242-5975

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