Unique Business Naming is Hard Work, Long Hours

Business naming, when done “professionally”, is not a matter of days. Quite often there’s a six-month or more time range for brand name generation, approval and registration.

One reason for the length is that professionals (and usually their clients) know that the best and most unique corporate names come from the process of acquiring, developing, rearranging, combining, truncating and in other ways manipulating a myriad number of words, prefixes, suffixes, word roots, phonemes, expressions, clichés, idioms, descriptions, locations and symbols.

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That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? And a lot of time and effort expended

It just indicates the lengths they go to in order to produce a really stunning brand name that meets all the client’s criteria, and still lives up to the professional’s standards.

Good business names come from long lists, hard work and inspiration..

Those in the naming business have learned two basic things about the creative process of naming.

First, they know that the longer the list of naming components and of name candidates, the more creative fodder there is to harvest. It provides more opportunities for cross fertilization. It doesn’t matter if most of the ideas on paper are unusable as a name because even the most ungainly phrase can trigger an inspiration.

Second, the more often a list is perused, the more likely more ideas will be generated that can be added to the mix. More ideas help form different perspectives and fresh insights. Quite often the really good names don’t show up until the third or fourth iteration.

Business naming takes time, but it’s worth it

If you’re planning to develop a great corporate name, I suggest you follow the steps below:

Anticipate at least a two months and an hour of your time every day to both administer and create lists of name candidates and potential naming components (suffixes, etc.).

Develop a set of criteria for naming the company.

Identify resources to help you in your quest for volumes of name ideas. There are many, even though some are elusive and out-of-the-box. They range from a common thesaurus to Internet lists such as bird names and paint colors.

Engage others in your organization, and/or your family and friends, to generate name candidates, spend time at the library, compile lists, and contribute during naming sessions.

Brain storm with your team to develop more candidates, but not to evaluate them.

Begin winnowing out the chaff, but do so one at a time as you ask yourself if the losers spark more ideas

Once the list gets down to 20-30, begin to measure them against your written criteria.

Have one more brainstorming session before making a final decision because at this point your team will have had time to “digest” all the fodder and perhaps a new, inspired candidate or two will emerge.

Check your final candidates for availability.

So as you can see, this amount of thoroughness and hard work will take time, but time well worth the taking if you are convinced that a company name is one of your most valuable assets.

Oh, yes, one way to make this process less stressful and less complicated is to hire a good naming company. Like Signature Strategies.

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