Try Naming a Business with Reverse English

Business naming can be more productive when you have a great number of name candidates from which to choose.

The longer the list, the more diversity and creativity emerges – also the more points from which to diverge and thus add more candidates. Business naming is not a game of numbers, but the more candidates you have, the closer you come to a “perfect” name.

Here’s a way to increase the length of your list as well as provide two or three name candidates that might show up on your short list.

Just reverse the words - Signature Strategies becomes Stratigic Signatures
Just reverse the words - Signature Strategies becomes Strategic Signatures

Review your list looking for two-word candidates in the form of adjective-noun. Then reverse the two words.

Thus, “Strategic Innovations” becomes “Innovations Strategic”. “Medical Insights” becomes “Insights Medical”. “Proactive Solutions” – “Solutions Proactive”. “Legal Perspectives” – “Perspectives Legal”.

Not only is the idea retained, it’s presented in a unique way that makes it more memorable.

You can sometimes change the reversed noun into an adjective as well. The example I share here is my own company name, Signature Strategies. When I first reverse the two words we get “Strategies Signature”. Not very promising, even with punctuation. But by changing Strategies into an adjective we get Strategic Signatures. I could have lived with that if “Signature Strategies” had been unavailable to me.

Remember the key to effective business naming: “the more the merrier”.


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