Synthetic Company Naming Suffixes And Prefixes

Almost all the suffixes and prefixes we use in English come from the Latin or Greek. But for business naming, I think we can invent our own suffixes and prefixes.

The key would be to make those new word parts familiar enough that they easily integrate with your word root. There are two approaches that are easy enough to implement

First you can incorporate suffixes and prefixes into names that are derived from common, pronounceable abbreviations:  Innovinc, Banco, Diddibid, Rig-etal, Ficafast, Asaptrax are examples.

Second, try finding letter groups whose sound suggests their meaning, i.e., onomatopoeia, and use them in place of traditional suffixes and prefixes. For instance, Buzzworthy, Crankout, Sunboost, Powoomph.

Some day soon I’ll compile lists of those two synthetic suffixes and prefixes and share them on this blog.

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