Naming Ideas From Google’s Keyword Tool

A few days ago I mentioned Google as a naming resource and how you could use the search function to find comprehensive lists of naming terms for about any niche.

Well, there are other ways to use Google to find words and phrases you might find useful when compiling long lists of name candidates.

But first, you need a Google AdWords account. Don’t worry, it’s simple and only costs five dollars. You can get one by clicking here.

Then go to the Google Keyword Tool from your basic Google account page by clicking AdWords, then Tools in the upper row of buttons, and finally, on the Keyword Tool.

The Google Keyword Tool was invented to help those wishing to advertise (Google AdWords) on Google to identify keywords those advertisers could target. The lists compiled through the Google Keyword search facility are relevant words to the main keyword you type into the search box. Be sure to search for synonyms as well as the regular “long-tail” keyword search. Long-tail refers to phrases that are more specific than most one and two word keywords, i.e., “high heeled red pumps” as opposed to the more generic “red shoes”.
So by querying the Google Keyword search function, you will get a hundred
Relevant Name Candidates Generated from Google Keyword Tool or more words and phrases relevant to your inputted keyword. And then you can search some of the likely candidates you discovered by running them through the search process again. You are drilling down even further to expose more long-tail naming candidates.

You can select the ones you wish to “keep” and save them to a text file or a .csv (Excel) file. An example of such a selection, based upon the keyword “score”, is presented on the left. The words gleaned from this search offer additional fields to plow for even more relevant words and phrases you may use in naming a business or product. In the case of the example to the left, 17 candidates were found in an initial list of 100-plus in about 15 minutes, less than one candidate a minute.

Thus, you are adding to the list of name candidates. And remember, the longer the list, the more likely a super name will emerge.

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