Get Naming Help From Google

Naming help can come from your good friend, Google.

By searching for your “trigger” word followed by “+names”, you can find many specialized lists of names that might be adopted for your business or product name.

And remember, the more name candidates you can generate, the more likely a great name will surface.

For example, if you want to explore using bird names, your search for “birds+names” would bring up several very relevant web sites. One site in this category brought me to Cal Photos where hundreds of birds from around the world are named – and photos provided.

Perhaps Starling, Mallard, Groebel or Sparrow might be a good business name
Starling, Mallard, Grosbeak or Sparrow might be a good business name

Another site provided Obsolete English Names of North American Birds
and Their Modern Equivalents

While another brought up not only a list of bird names but also the “group” names to which they belong. (We know about bevies of quail, but did you know about convocations of eagles and wedges of swans?)

And then there’s the authority site,, where six or seven different sources of bird names are linked.

Well, you get the idea. And if you don’t get many “hits” by adding “+name”, you can try “+list” or “+identify”. Each subject will have a different set of nomenclature, and people passionate enough to compile comprehensive name lists. But a five-minute Google search ought to identify many naming ideas.

Google is indeed a great naming resource.

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