Goals of Business Naming Basics

Business naming is probably the most important single element of a brand.

Given that, it’s also the most difficult and frustrating branding activity. That’s because, as some will proclaim, “all the good names are taken”.

I say “poppycock”.

Good company names can be created if you know how.

I know because I’ve created many of them, for companies large and small.

With fifty years experience, MartinJ knows about naming.

So in this blog I’ll share with you many of the tricks and techniques I’ve developed or adopted from other naming pros over the course of a 50-year career. That’s right, 50 years. I graduated from the University of Florida in 1958 with a degree in advertising and sought my fortune along Madison Avenue. My first job was in the traffic department of BBDO, New York.

I’ll touch on all aspects of business naming: strategies, issues, criteria, ideation, evaluation, registration, re-naming and associated topics. I’ll discuss preparation: what to do before generating name candidates. I’ll share resources and ideas in order to generate a load of name candidates. I’m of the opinion that you never have enough candidates: that even after you’ve decided upon a name (but before you register it) continue to generate them because great names tend to come forth only after the obvious have been reviewed.

And I’ll discuss name candidate evaluation and the importance of setting criteria even before you begin name development.

Anyway, if you have an need to name a company, whether as its owner or as an adviser to management, I hope you’ll find this blog of interest. And even valuable.

So that I might better be of service, please leave comments below if you have and particular issue or topic you’d like me to discuss. I hope this site will become interactive and that you will contribute your experiences with naming a business.

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