Name Generators for Naming Ideas

Name generators are special databases attached to software that allow you to combine the words that are stored in those databases to form new words, aka names. There are many, many such web sites available.

Several of the naming generators available at Seventh Sanctum
Several of the naming generators available at Seventh Sanctum

A quick and easy way to find and use name generators is a special site all about name generators. It’s called Seventh Sanctum and it’s an authority site and directory for name generators of all types, both those they’ve created and scores of others. Another great thing: it’s free to use.

If you’ve been following this blog at all – and thank you if you have been – you know I advocate generating long name candidate lists, lists that have been generated from a variety of sources. Name generators help you populate those lists, and often times surprise you with real gems.

Not all of the name generators listed at Seventh Sanctum are appropriate for brand names – some are for naming cats, rock bands and Star War aliases. But they’re so simple to use that you won’t waste much time seeing if three or four of them might be of some help. Quality of results vary – some just generate random strings of letters. But there are some surprisingly fruitful ones.

Explore, even the ones you’d normally shun. You just never know when or where the “right” name will pop up.

Seventh Sanctum even provides directions for constructing your own generators. So if you have collected different types of words for use in naming like I have, you might be interested in making them databases you can call up and mix and match with other data-based word collections.

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2 thoughts on “Name Generators for Naming Ideas

  1. Rose:
    I agree that automatic name generators are not always fruitful, indeed they can be completely arid for a particular project. Yet, the very next job, a name generator can mindlessly stumble upon just the right combination.

    My approach to naming is to compile a long list of potential candidates through multiple sources, including generators. This can lead to several “just right” candidates, and such a long list will stretch your mind and allow you to think laterally. So I use name generators, my hard-copy thesauruses, phrase/specialized dictionaries, software, and comprehensive specialized word lists. I even consult the vast reservoir of house paint and cosmetic shad names. Quite ofter I’ll find the best candidates by combining words from different sources.

    So no resource is left untapped in the quest for a near-perfect business name.

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