Follow This Name Process for an Enduring And Endearing Business Name

The name process is usually entered into long before it should be.

In fact, many entrepreneurs will have chosen a name even before they’ve written their business plan.

Naming a business or a product is strategic in nature, and should logically follow the adoption of a business model, target markets and competitor identification and the exposition of certain business beliefs and conducts as stated in written mission, vision and value statements.

Ideally, at least two major brand foundations should be in place before considering a name: your brand story and a brand platform.

Brand process diagram shows naming is not the first concern for start-up

The accompanying chart outlines the steps that I suggest any start-up company, no matter how small, should follow if it wishes a strong, integrated brand led by a relevant name that resonates with prospects and conveys the essence – and the differentiators – of the brand.

Sequencing the naming process within the branding process is important if your want a name that will endure and endear.

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