Don’t Let Business Naming Frustrate You Into a Second-class Name

There is something intimidating about naming your business

We know that “all the good names are gone”. And not just domain names, either. It’s frustrating to have your very own “private” name unavailable because someone has registered it before you.

And then you can’t get that name out of your head – it occupies the entire “creative space”. Other names just don’t have the flair of your favorite. You suddenly feel like you’ll never be able to think of another powerful candidate.

Most entrepreneurs are impatient and action-oriented, so when they hit the wall, they’re liable to “settle” for a second-class name just so they can get on with the “important” matters of business-building.

Well, I believe the name is the most important element of a brand and should be treated as such. To develop a name that stands apart and truly represents the brand, I believe you should start the process with a particular mind set. If you do you’ll find the frustrations easier to take, and in the long run you’ll have a name that truly and powerfully represents the business.

Ideal Business Naming Mind Set

Here are four major ideas that can help you adopt a “killer” name with the least amount of angst. When my clients adopt this attitude, I’ve found the process and the results can be satisfying and productive.

Number 1: Keep an open mind.

Quite often the best ideas come from the frustration of rejecting a hundred candidates or more. Also, don’t reject a candidate out of hand. The name may grow on you, or it may trigger additional ideas that lead to fruitful candidates.

Number 2: Create a very big list.

Attempt to create (or have created) a long, long list of candidates. And keep adding to it even after you think you’ve done enough. This stretches your creative energies as well as opens avenues you didn’t even know existed. Ideas spark more ideas. Use many sources of candidates and ideas, even ones that appear ridiculous on first thought. Don’t judge, just add ideas. There will be time later to evaluate

Number 3: Be prepared for disappointment.

Isolate the best five or ten name candidates that meet your criteria. For various reasons, three-quarters or more will not be available to you. So don’t get really married to a candidate until after it passes the tests for suitability and availability.

Number 4: Be patient but determined.

This just means to stick with it, and if necessary, get help. Use any resources available – family, associates, even professionals. Remember how important it is to get the name right.

So don’t let frustration lead you to a second-class name. Remember that your business success is firmly linked to your company name.

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