A Company Naming Trend to Avoid

I recently read a blog post at Greentech Media about a trend toward creating company names with double vowel words. Here are several they mentioned: Jadoo, Soraa, Kaai, Deeya, Oorja.

As I commented on their blog, I think it will be a short-lived trend.

Effective use of double-vowels in top row names, not so effective for bottom row names
Effective use of double-vowels in top row names, not so effective for bottom row names

Using double-e’s and double-o’s are perfectly acceptable in the middle or the end of a word, but to lead off with “Ee” or “Oo” makes it difficult for readers to pronounce and comprehend. As for double a’s, i’s and u’s, they just complicate the pronunciation and comprehension situation even farther – no matter where in the word they happen to be placed.

Now I’m an advocate of unique corporate names. But I also have other criteria I attempt to apply, sometimes with limited success. Those criteria might include memorability, relevance and comfort.

I’m also an advocate of coined word names (aka neologisms) for their uniqueness. But I also apply the criteria of memorability, relevance and comfort – along with pronouncibility.

In the names cited by Greentech, the name origins were often relevant to the company or product in another, sometimes obsolete, language. That doesn’t excuse their adoption unless they’re only marketing to Sri Lanka natives or sandskrit readers.

Names are sometimes adopted out of desperation. There’s not enough time to come up with a really superb name in the first week or so. Then the outlandish and obscure are seen in a favorable light.

Since the business name is vital in reflecting the corporate personality and tenor, I suggest taking all the time it takes and don’t settle for obscurity.

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